A Look at Faith-based Approaches to Offender Reentry, The Bureau of Justice Assistance’s National Training and Technical Assistance Center

This webinar held on January 30, 2012, increased participant knowledge of faith-based approaches to reentry with an emphasis on how to become directly involved in and partner with community-based, social service, and government agencies to build a collaborative and sustainable reentry effort. Faith-based organizations learned specific ways to support current reentry efforts using existing assets and resources, about the specific needs of formerly incarcerated persons and their families and how to address those needs, and about the impact that reentry and those returning from incarceration have on their specific communities. Best practice approaches to providing mentoring services and building networks of support for formerly incarcerated persons and their families were highlighted.

A Look at Faith & Community-Based Approaches to Offender Reentry from BJATraining on Vimeo.